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Hello There. I am Admin. I'm a dentist by profession and loves to play around with web technologies. I am a full stack and Google Certified Associate Android Developer. Some of the languages I know include, PHP, MYSQL, Python, JS along with good knowledge in VueJS.

NEET MDS 2025 Monthly Test Series

ūüöÄNEET MDS 2025 Introducing the Monthly Test Series: Your Path to Success!

ūüďÖ Mark Your Sundays, Future MDS! Are you ready to take your NEET MDS preparation to the next level? We‚Äôre thrilled to announce the launch of our NEET MDS 2025 Monthly Test Series! ūüéČ ūüĆü What‚Äôs the Buzz All About Neet Mds 2025 Monthly Test Series? Our test series is designed with one goal in […]

ūüöÄNEET MDS 2025 Introducing the Monthly Test Series: Your Path to Success! Read More ¬Ľ


NEET MDS Scorecard Released 2024: Check Your Individual Results & Percentile Rank!

Exciting¬†news¬†for¬†NEET¬†MDS¬†2024¬†aspirants!¬†The¬†National¬†Board¬†of¬†Examinations¬†(NBE)¬†has¬†officially¬†released¬†the¬†individual¬†scorecards¬†for¬†the¬†National¬†Eligibility¬†cum¬†Entrance¬†Test¬†for¬†Masters¬†of¬†Dental¬†Surgery¬†(NEET¬†MDS).¬†After¬†weeks¬†of¬†anticipation,¬†candidates¬†can¬†finally¬†access¬†their¬†results¬†and¬†evaluate¬†their¬†performance¬†in¬†this¬†highly¬†competitive¬†dental¬†entrance¬†exam. NEET MDS Scorecard is now available. About NEET MDS: The NEET MDS exam serves as the gateway to postgraduate dental education in India. It is a crucial step for dental graduates aspiring to specialize in various fields of dentistry. Every year, thousands of candidates compete for limited seats in MDS programs offered by prestigious dental colleges across the country. How to Download Your NEET MDS 2024 Scorecard: Understanding Your NEET MDS Scorecard: Your NEET MDS scorecard provides a comprehensive overview of your performance, including: Next Steps & Counselling Process: With the release of scorecards, the NEET MDS 2024 admission process moves towards the counselling phase. The NBE will soon announce the counselling schedule and release the merit list. Candidates will then participate in the counselling process, where seats will be allotted based on merit, preferences, and availability. Stay¬†informed¬†about¬†the¬†latest¬†updates¬†and¬†announcements¬†regarding¬†NEET¬†MDS¬†2024¬†counselling.¬†We¬†wish¬†all¬†aspirants¬†the¬†best¬†of¬†luck¬†in¬†securing¬†their¬†desired¬†MDS¬†seats! Check the result notification by clicking here

NEET¬†MDS¬†Scorecard¬†Released 2024:¬†Check¬†Your¬†Individual¬†Results¬†&¬†Percentile¬†Rank!

NEET MDS 2024 Results Declared

NEET MDS 2024 Results Announced

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Master of Dental Surgery (NEET MDS) is a highly competitive exam conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) every year for admission to MDS courses in various dental colleges across India. NEET MDS is considered one of the toughest entrance exams in India, and thousands of candidates appear for

NEET¬†MDS¬†2024¬†Results¬†Announced

Part 2 Paper 1 May 2022 Cg Health University Featured. Dental Pockets. Mastering Dentistry Easy Way. NEET MDS preparation app.

Part II Paper I May 2022 CG Health University (OMFS)

Do let us know via commenting in the section below how was the paper according to you. Also, you can comment your university paper or important topics in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to must read while studying for Part II Paper I exam. To check out previous years oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021 paper I click

Part II Paper I May 2022 CG Health University (OMFS) Read More ¬Ľ

MDS OMFS Paper I 2022 of CG Health University

CG University MDS OMFS Paper I 2021 1. Blood grouping and its typing 2. Extracranial course of facial nerve and applied importance 3. Chemical sterilization 4. Healing of fracture bone 5. Muscles of tongue 6. Fluid management after surgery after GA 7. NSAIDS 8. Composition and function of saliva 9. PRP 10. Surgical anatomy of

MDS OMFS Paper I 2022 of CG Health University Read More ¬Ľ

TNM Staging OSCC

TNM Staging for oral cavity cancers

TNM Staging for oral cavity cancers is very well known and very well used. Lets look into it specifically the 8th edition with the addition of DOI which you’ll read later on. Abbreviations American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) International Union Against Cancer (UICC) History TNM Staging for oral cavity cancers: In 1944, Pierre Denoix

TNM Staging for oral cavity cancers

Pederson Difficulty Index

Pederson in 1988 proposed the difficulty index which is one of the most popular difficulty index used till date. The difficulty index is based on local anatomy observation and from radiographs. Pederson Difficulty Index Pederson Difficulty Index Value Mesioangular 1 Horizontal/Transverse 2 Vertical 3 Distoangular 4 Table 1: Based on the Spatial Relationship Value Level

Pederson Difficulty Index