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Most long answer questions asked in Paper 2 and Paper 3 of MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics


Hey, With the help of Dr. Himani Thawle, I’m pleased to give you this exhaustive list of the most important Long Answer Questions asked in MDS Final Year Exams of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in the past years from all over the universities in India. Remember, this is not a complete list and we shall keep on adding new questions as soon as we find them. You can comment below questions/topics which your university has asked if it is missing and we shall add that too. Do check the DCI syllabus and prepare accordingly.

Long Answer Questions for MDS Final Year Exams of Endodontics

  1. Role of radiology in endo
  2. Drug therapy in endo
  3. Single visit endodontics
  4. Biological response of pulp to various operative procedures and dental materials
  5. Pediatric endodontics
  6. Recent advances in cleaning and shaping tech in endo
  7. Irrigation
  8. Biofilm in endo
  9. Recent advances in obturation
  10. Endo Perio relationship
  11. Etiology, classification and management of root resorption in endodontics.
  12. Newer advances in disinfection of root canal
  13. Various methods for working length determination
  14. Rotary endodontics, evolution of rotary nickel titanium files used in endo
  15. Structure and features of root apex and its significance in endodontic treatment
  16. Recent advances in endodontic armamentarium
  17. Indications of apical surgery and tech of microsurgical endodontics
  18. Rationale of endodontics
  19. Microscope n its uses in endo
  20. Smear layer in endo
  21. Procedural errors
  22. Apex locator
  23. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth.
  24. Treatment of avulsed teeth.
  25. Endodontic surgeries
  26. Irrigants used in endodontics. Write the ideal requirements and various newer irrigants.
  27. Retrograde preparation and materials used in endodontic surgeries.
  28. Evolution of rotary Ni-Ti files
  29. Thermoplasticized obturation techniques
  30. Discuss the importance of diagnostic aids used in endodontics
  31. Endodontic failures and retreatment
  32. Importance of history taking and vitality testing in endodontics.
  33. Success and failures in endodontic treatment.
  34. Group II endodontic instrument classification
  35. Various aids available for cleaning and shaping of teeth during endodontic therapy
  36. Management of endodontically treated lateral incisor using post and core
  37. Inter appointment emergencies in endodontics
  38. Etiology ,classification and clinical management of root resorption

Long Answer Questions for MDS Final Year Exams of Conservative Dentistry

  1. Discuss composite resin as replacement for amalgam restorations expressing your view
  2. Cavity design for class II inlay
  3. Recent principles and methods for management of dental caries
  4. Diet and dental caries
  5. Importance of occlusion in restorative dentistry
  6. Lasers in conservative  
  7. Dental laminates
  8. Gingival tissue management techniques
  9. Diagnosis of dental caries
  10. Non carious lesions
  11. Cavity designs for modern amalgam restorations
  12. Impression techniques in restorative dentistry
  13. Use of composite for posterior restoration
  14. Immunological aspect of dental caries
  15. Causes of discoloration of vital teeth and their management
  16. Contact and contours in restorative dentistry
  17. Forces acting on a restoration
  18. Pain control procedures during cavity preparation
  19. Critically analyze the importance of cavosurface bevels and rounded angles in integrity of different restorations
  20. Cavity designs in conservative dentistry. write significance of bevels in relation to various restorative materials.
  21. Forces acting on direct and indirect restorations. Clinical significance of occlusion
  22. Discuss adhesion in restorative dentistry with recent advances
  23. Deleterious effects of restorative procedures on teeth and their management
  24. Evolution in concept and design of tooth preparation in restorative dentistry
  25. Dentine Hypersensitivity
  26. Role of fluorides in caries prevention.
  27. Tooth preparation designs for inlay and onlay cast restorations
  28. Principals of esthetics
  29. Define composites. Classify composites. Give composition of composites with the role of each ingredient. Discuss advances in composites.
  30. Evolution of rotary cutting instruments
  31. Discuss the non carious destruction of the teeth. Give its etiology, diagnosis and management.
  32. Forces acting on a restoration
  33. Role of antibiotics in conservative dentistry and endodontics
  34. Discuss in detail about laminate and veneers
  35. Infection control measures in endodontic clinic
  36. Modified amalgam restorations.
  37. Define pain. Theories of pain pathway
  38. Minimal invasive dentistry
  39. Biological considerations of restorative dental materials.
  40. Balanced occlusion

If you find some questions missing, do let us know via commenting in the section below and we shall add those questions too. These long answer questions might come in handy when you are preparing for your MDS Final Year Exam in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.

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