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TNM Staging OSCC

TNM Staging for oral cavity cancers

TNM Staging for oral cavity cancers is very well known and very well used. Lets look into it specifically the 8th edition with the addition of DOI which you’ll read later on. Abbreviations American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) International Union Against Cancer (UICC) History TNM Staging for oral cavity cancers: In 1944, Pierre Denoix …

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Fordyce's Granules

Fordyce’s Granules

In this post we shall discuss about Fordyce’s Granules. Developmental anomaly characterized by heterotrophic collection of sebaceous glands at various sites in oral cavity. Pathogenesis Of Fordyce’s Granules The occurrence of sebaceous gland in the mouth may result from inclusion in the oral cavity of ectoderm having some of the potentialities of skin in the …

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