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Caries Activity & Caries Susceptibility Test

In this post we shall discuss various Caries Activity and Caries Susceptibility Tests LACTOBACILLUS COLONY COUNT TEST Introduced by HODLEY IN 1933 PRINCIPLE: This caries activity & caries susceptibility test estimates the number of acidogenic and aciduric bacteria in the patients’ saliva by counting the number of colonies appearing on tomato peptone agar plates after …

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Hand Over mouth Technique in Pedodontics

Hand Over Mouth Technique 🤭

Hand over mouth technique (HOME) is an aversive behavior modification technique used to modify a negative child’s behavior during his/her visit to a dental clinic. First described by Dr. Envangeline Jordan in 1920. Other names: Aversion – Crammer (1973) Emotional Surprise therapy – Lampshire Hand over mouth airway restricted (HOMAR) – Levitas (1947) Aversive conditioning …

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