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Thyroid Function Tests

In this post we shall discuss about Thyroid Function Tests. A routine laboratory thyroid profile includes: Thyroid profile/Thyroid Function Tests includes 1. Thyroid stimulating hormone 2. T4 binding ratio 3. Free T4 index 4. Serum T4 5. Resin T3 uptake Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) It is secreted from anterior pituitary and has negative feedback with […]

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How to apply for Army Dental Corps??

This tutorial will guide you on the steps to take to register/apply for Army Dental Corps Army Dental Corps Brochure Original Link : Click Here Our Cache Link: Click Here So lets begin with the steps to take to apply for Army Dental Corps Recruitment: Visit this URL https://joinindianarmy.nic.in/Authentication.aspx 3. Open this link https://www.joinindianarmy.nic.in/dental/eligibility That’s

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Hypertension Treatment

In this post we shall discuss the treatment of hypertension. To read about the signs and symptoms click here. Nonpharmacological Treatment of hypertension Salt restriction: 2.4 gm of sodium or 6gm of Nacl is effective in controlling hypertension Weight Reduction: Reduction of 1kg may reduce 1.3 to 1.6 mm of Hg Quit Smoking: Most important

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Hypertension is referred to increase in blood pressure. Signs of Hypertension Tremors, tachycardia, exophthalmos, thyroid dermopathy and goiter in hyperthyroidism Moon’s face, buffalo hump and truncal obesity in Cushing’s syndrome. Bruit over abdominal aorta. Presence of puffy face, rough skin, obesity in myxedema Prognathism, clubbed hand, coarse features in acromegaly Palpable kidney lump in polycystic

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Walking Bleach

Walking bleach is a bleaching procedure performed at a dental clinic. The tooth involved is usually non vital and should be endodontically treated. Given by Nutting and Poe. Another name of Walking Bleach is Intracoronal bleaching Used in non vital endodontically treated tooth to remove tooth discoloration. Indications Dentin discoloration Discoloration caused due to pulp

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Die Stone

OTHER NAMES OF DIE STONE: Die stone or Type IV or Improved Dental Stone or High Strength Stone. It is the strongest and hardest variety of gypsum products. USES: Used where high surface hardness and high strength is required ex: Crown and Bridge, Inlays PROCEDURE: As per manufacturers instructions a thick mix is prepared. This

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