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Agar – Agar in Dentistry Part One

In this post we will learn about Hydrocolloids, Sol-Gel Transformation, Uses of Agar – Agar in Dentistry, Composition, Commercial Brands, Supplied As, Preparation and Types of Agar Hydrocolloids Agar is a hydrocolloid, which basically consists of gelatin particles suspended in water and water is the dispersion medium. Solution – uniformly dispersed solute and solvent eg […]

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Zinc PHosphate Cement

Zinc Phosphate Cement

Zinc Phosphate Cement is the oldest cement used in dentistry with the longest clinical track record. In this post we shall learn about Zinc Phosphate Cement. This topic is usually asked for Short Answer Question (SAQ) in Dental Under graduate examination It is usually available in Power & Liquid separate bottles. (2 Bottle System) Composition

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