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Most asked Short Answer Questions in Paper 2 and Paper 3 of MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Most Asked SAQ Questions

Hey, With the help of Dr. Himani Thawle, I’m pleased to give you this exhaustive list of the most important Long Answer Questions asked in MDS Final Year Exams of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in the past years from all over the universities in India. Remember, this is not a complete list and we shall keep on adding new questions as soon as we find them. You can comment below questions/topics which your university has asked if it is missing and we shall add that too. Do check the DCI syllabus and prepare accordingly.

Short Answer Questions for MDS Final Year Exams of Endodontics

  1. Thermoplasticised tech of obturation
  2. Concept of Monoblock in endodontics
  3. Different bleaching agents
  4. Anaerobic culturing
  5. Use of CBCT in endo
  6. Recent advances in irrigation/irrigant tech or system
  7. Clinical significance of the permanent maxillary teeth
  8. Smear layer
  9. Perforation management
  10. Differential diagnosis of pulpal lesions
  11. Root canal filling materials.
  12. Significance of root apex 
  13. Endodontic mishaps
  14. Periapical lesions
  15. Diagnostic aids in endodontics.
  16. Quorum sensing
  17. CaOH2 in endodontics
  18. Different generation of apex locators
  19. Sonics and ultrasonic
  20. Recent advances in obturation
  21. Lateral canals
  22. Hot tooth
  23. Ledge in endodontics
  24. Diode laser
  25. Intracanal medicament
  26. Internal Resorption
  27. Endodontic flare up and management
  28. Caries Activity test
  29. Danger zone in root canal
  30. Root fractures and its healing
  31. Double seal and its significance
  32. Nickel titanium endodontics
  33. Access to success
  34. Scaffolds in regeneratice endodontics
  35. Rationale of endodontics
  36. Role of magnification in endodontics
  37. Intracanal irrigants
  38. Techniques of microsurgical endodontics
  39. Biofilms
  40. Pulpal pain
  41. Periapical cyst
  42. Interactions of irrigants
  43. Home bleaching
  44. Anti curvature filing
  45. Recent advances in irrigant technique
  46. Drugs in endodontics
  47. Sodium hypochlorite
  48. Zones of infection
  49. Recent advances in endodontic radiology
  50. Treatment of immature apex
  51. Role of E.faecalis in endodontics
  52. Treatment of broken instruments in endodontics.

Short Answer Questions for MDS Final Year Exams of Conservative Dentistry

  2. Forces acting on Class II cast restorations
  3. Microbiology and characteristics of dental caries
  4. Dentin bonding agents
  5. Rapid method of tooth separation
  6. Shade selection
  7. Principles of post space preparation
  8. Various methods of detection of caries  
  9. Dental matrices
  10. Factors affecting retention and resistance form of Class III inlay cavity
  11. Casting defects
  12. GIC
  13. Macro microabrasion
  14. Cavosurface design in different types of cavity preparation
  15. Dental erosion
  16. Veneers in operative dentistry
  17. Rubber dam
  18. Abfraction
  19. Golden proportion
  20. Air abrasion
  21. Nanocomposites
  22. Recent advances in GIC
  23. Casting defects
  24. Composition and properties of inlay wax
  25. Causes, incidence and management of abfraction
  26. Management of cervical caries
  27. Modified GIC
  28. Dental Bur
  29. Non parallel pins
  30. Significance of occlusion in restorative dentistry
  31. Recent advances in dental ceramics
  32. Digital impressions
  33. Contact point and contour in restorative dentistry
  34. Bevels
  35. Recent concepts in management of hypersensitive dentin
  36. Physical methods of gingival tissue management
  37. Lasers
  38. Caries activity test
  39. Air abrasion
  40. Role of antibiotics in conservative dentistry
  41. Classification of dental caries
  42. Tarnish and corrosion
  43. Failures of amalgam
  44. Liners and bases
  45. Hybrid layer.
  46. Modified amalgam restorations.
  47. Dental laminates.
  48. Active separation of teeth
  49. Isolation pros and cons
  50. Significance of DEJ
  51. Stages of tooth development
  52. Saliva and its role in dental caries.
  53. Instrument formula
  54. Modifications in tooth preparation for class II cast gold inlay
  55. Management of non-carious lesions
  56. Hypersensitivity of teeth

If you find some questions missing, do let us know via commenting in the section below and we shall add those questions too. These long answer questions might come in handy when you are preparing for your MDS Final Year Exam in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.

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