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Fordyce’s Granules

Fordyce's Granules

In this post we shall discuss about Fordyce’s Granules.

Developmental anomaly characterized by heterotrophic collection of sebaceous glands at various sites in oral cavity.

Pathogenesis Of Fordyce’s Granules

The occurrence of sebaceous gland in the mouth may result from inclusion in the oral cavity of ectoderm having some of the potentialities of skin in the course of development of the maxillary and madibular process during embryonic life.

Histological Features Of Fordyce’s Granules

Unassociated with hair follicles

Keratin plugging may be be present at ducts

Glands are superficial

May consist of only few tubules, which are grouped around ducts which open the mucosa

Clinical Features Of Fordyce’s Granules

Appear as yellow spots separated from each other and are grouped

Seen bilaterally near the molar tooth, retromolar area and inner surface of lips

Also seen on esophagus, parotid gland, male and female genitalia, nipples, palms and soles, orbit and larynx.


No treatment is required