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MUHS Migration Certificate Process

In this post, we shall discuss the process to obtain a MUHS migration certificate.

Migration certificate is required when you are transferring from one university to another. In this case, we shall discuss about a student transferring from MUHS after completion of BDS to another university to pursue MDS. This is usually a case when a student gets selected in All India Quota of NEET MDS Examination.

The steps are pretty simple,

  1. Download the Migration Certificate Application from the university website. You can click here to go to MUHS website to download the Application.
  2. Take a print out of the application.
  3. Fill in your details in the Application Form from point 1-6
  4. In Point 7 of the application form you’ll need to select which Demand Draft you are ready to make. Most of the students who apply for migration need it as soon as possible. So they make a Demand Draft of Rs. 1500/-
  5. Fill in points 8 – 14 as you deem fit. It is pretty straight forward process.
  6. Checklist has the list of documents which are needed. Follow the checklist strictly. We will discuss this later in this post.
  7. The Letter / Undertaking page will be filled by your college.
  8. If you are bonded student, i.e. you have signed a bond, you’ll need to fill the details and get it notarized. If you are not a bonded student, you don’t need this page.

That’s it. The form is now complete. Now lets go over the documents both xerox and original which will be needed for application of Migration Certificate.

Documents Needed for MUHS Migration Certificate:

  1. Make sure the application is completely filled and you have pasted your photograph on the form and signed after point 14 and after the checklist.
  2. Demand Draft (DD) of Rs. 1500/- or Rs. 1000/- as mentioned in the point number 4 above. The DD must be in favor of “Registrar, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences” payable at Nashik . Your bank may ask for where in Nashik, just tell the teller it’s not mentioned.
  3. Original Leaving Certificate, when you have left your college, you must have been given the TC/Leaving Certificate. You have to send the original TC to MUHS.
  4. Final Year Marksheet Xerox. Make sure to self attest it or get it attested from any Class 1 Officer.
  5. If you have already completed your internship, you should have got Internship Completion Certificate from the University. Take a xerox and attest it. If you have not completed internship and taking transfer for internship, this document is not required.
  6. If you are a bonded student, the 4th Page of the Application from University is required in original with notary, else it is not required.
  7. If you have taken a gap in studying, i.e. 1 year or more break while studying, you must visit your Tehsil office to get a Gap Certificate. The Gap certificate is usually done on Rs. 100 Stamp Paper and the processing fee for it in Maharashtra is around Rs. 30/-. For typing the matter, around Rs. 50/- is charged by the typists found near the Tehsil Office and an Advocate signature of Rs. 10/- or equivalent.
  8. In case you have lost your Leaving Certificate, you will have to file an FIR with the local police station. The police may ask you questions on how it was lost, where, etc. This process will take around 1 day or so. After the FIR is registered, take a xerox and a visit tehsil office to get an affidavit for Duplicate Leaving Certificate. With this affidavit you will have to visit your past college and get a Duplicate leaving Certificate.

Once you have all the relevant documents as mentioned above, visit your college. The Dean will verify your details and cross signature on your photo along with stamp on photo and Signature and Seal on the Third page of the application i.e. Undertaking page.

After this step, you simple have to buy an envelope preferably A4 size and write the following on top center of the envelope,


Then write the following TO address on the envelope

The Registrar Office, 

Maharashtra University of Health Science,

Vani – Dindori Road,



Maharashtra 422003


In the FROM Section mention the following details according to you


Complete Address


Mobile Number

Please fill in your details in here

Once the envelope is complete, attach a U PIN to all the documents. Make sure you do not staple/pin the Demand Draft.

Do check the document once again if everything is in order according to the checklist.

Now put all the documents in envelope and visit nearest Government Post Office. While writing this, I am not certain whether third party courier services like DTDC, FedEx, etc are allowed for this. University mentions only Speed Post/Registered Post, so better to stick with that.

For convenience of tracking, consider Speed Post. The rates may differ based on location, usually amount between Rs. 40/- to Rs. 100/- should be suffice.

Speed Post takes 3-4 working days for reaching university. Keep track using the speed post tracking mentioned here

If the package is delivered before 11 AM to the university, it is processed the same day and dispatched from University to your mentioned address by 5 PM. If the package reaches university after 11 AM, it is processed the next working day.

That’s it for this post. Hope you were able to follow the steps and you get a MUHS Migration Certificate soon enough.

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