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Recent Updates


Good Afternoon,

Today we reduced the initial wallet offering from Rs. 100 by 50% to Rs. 50. Earlier, when a new user registered we used to credit the wallet with Rs. 100, but due to increasing server maintenance costs, we now have to reduce to wallet money so that people will use the Payment Gateway which will help us to maintain the server. Users who registered earlier than today, will have the same amount which is already available in their wallet. We wont reduce that.

Now a days people have started abusing the coupon code as well to gain some wallet money. It is a sincere request to not abuse the coupon code or we might have to shut down that module totally. It is there for genuine users. Shortly we will revise the coupon code schedule too. Now it will be based on approval on our side. If the user, who registers with your coupon code is active for say a period of 72 hours then only we will credit your wallet. We know this is a harsh step but due to some notorious users we have to take this step. We are increasing our workload by switching over to manual approval for a mere amount wallet money.

We offer most of the things for free or very negligible amount. This amount is not enough to run the server, leave aside any type of payment we guys get for the hard work that we put up. We stated this initiative to make learning dentistry digital. With your support we now have 4000+ users with approx 5000+ MCQs, 300+ IBQs. Articles have been stopped due to manpower constrains. We have not yet found any affordable Content Developer/Writer who is a dentist and can write for us. We request you to contribute towards the app. Your contribution will help your fellow colleague’s.

After the NEET exam is over, we will focus more on the UG students. Their requirements are equally important to us. All UG students are requested to send us your requirements which will help us make the app more useful to you.

We also would like to thank all those who supported us in the Initial Development of the mock test section. Click Here if you haven’t signed up already. Currently 98 users are using the mock tests section with 68% on their desktop. Thank you all. In the Mock tests section, daily only 1 test which is free i.e. TESTID 100101 will change and will remain free. Rest all the tests are available for purchase. The purchased test questions will be available to you for a period of 3 months. The test question in those tests wont change for a period of 3 months. After 3 months we may either edit, update or delete the test. You wont be able to access those tests after a period of 3 months. 30/50 Rs. for 3 months is quite affordable as we feel. We will look into other type of Subscription services after the final NEET exam. We will research different methodologies used world wide for subscribed content and implement that.

Also many users asked, if the FREE Weekly Test will continue after the exam. The answer to it is YES. We shall continue the tests till we can. Every Sunday we will conduct the test for Free. Your answers will also be made available with the new version of the app due next year.

Rest we hope you are satisfied with the app. Let us know if you feel some improvements are required in app. We love to hear praise as well as criticism too. Use the feedback option in app to get in touch with us.

Neet appearing students, just few days left for exam. Give all in, You have to crack NEET in this attempt. Study well, Rest well.


Have a Nice Day.

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