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We are 3 years old, New Updates and more…


Hello Everyone!

This Valentines day we complete 3 Years of launching the App on Google Play Store. Now we are a community of 10,000+ users with most joining us for PG preparation. 

As per the data I have of last year for android app, more than 1,00,000+ mcqs solved, 50,000+ times articles read, 84,000+ ibqs attempted. Total of 5,000+ users attempted the weekly test. More than 20,000+ tests purchased via coupon code.

The app started with an idea of making the process of studying dentistry easy/digital. I did not have this in mind while developing the app that PG preparation alone can bring so much user base to the app. Many brilliant students joined us and are giving their PG final exams this summer. Many started working with us and earn a stipend or contribute towards the app anyway they can. This year we plan to extend the from the app only for PG preparation, to also for the UG fellows. For the last 3 years we have not earned enough from the app to rely solely on it. The ads just helped us to pay the server costs, but after reaching such a large user base, we had to rent our own server which added to the cost. Due to this cost getting higher, we had to find alternates to just ads. Later this year we shall release the app as a subscription based service, which shall make the app ad-free if you have subscribed to us. We shall try to keep this amount as minimum as possible. We also had to make a few changes to the purchased/subscribed tests, more on it later.

On this 3rd year anniversary we are happy to bring to you v1.0.8 beta. You can update your app by opting into the beta access by clicking this link. For those who are not willing to opt into the beta program, in a few weeks we shall release the v1.0.8 to the public.

Being from a dentist background I understand many of you must be unfamiliar with the word alpha, beta in app releases. Let me explain it in some simple words. When an app is developed, it is tested on device which the developer has access to. It works perfectly fine on those devices as the developer can fix an error (commonly know as BUG where you see the app crashes or shuts down unexpectedly) as soon as he finds one. Then the developer uploads his app on Google Play Store in Alpha Testing mode. Consider this as a small crowd say 15-20 people install the app on their device and check to see if the app works perfectly fine or any bug is present which leads to app crash. Once the app works perfectly fine on those Alpha Testers devices we move the app to Beta Testing mode. We upload the app on Google Play Store in Beta version. Consider this as a moderate range of people, say 50 – 1000. Multiple devices install the app and we check if the app performs well for all the devices. If another bug is found, we fix the bug restart this process. Hence the beta users gets frequent updates or features which are not present in the previous versions. When the beta version gets no crashes or 0.1% crashes, we release the app to the final or Production mode. In production, the new version of the app is available to the general public. All this testing is done as the OEM or company’s which manufacture phones, as Vivo, Samsung, etc modify the android operating system to some extent. So we have to tune the app according these devices.

This time it is not just testing the app but we are testing our own rented server as well.

An outline of what is new in v1.0.8

  1. Changes in the privacy policy.

  2. A complete New User Interface.

  3. New Rapid-Fire test section.

  4. MCQs can now be filtered. New Animation when you click the wrong option.

  5. Discuss button instead of suggest correction. You can start your own discussion and help us improve the quality of the question or explanation.

  6. Bottom navigation buttons to help you reach your desired place quickly.

  7. Study where you can filter the subjects according to the year.

  8. Forum now allows you to upload images as well. So it can be a complete discussion.

  9. Notifications: Till now you could see what we have sent you in a list format, now whatever you send  us via the send feedback option you can see that too making it easy for you to get an idea of what we are talking about. Consider it as a step towards two way communication.

  10. New font and new animations.

  11. Register: With this version you have to sign in via Google Or Facebook. We removed the old register page as some of the users abused it to earn wallet money.

  12. All server communications are now secured. We now use HTTPS for every communication.

  13. IBQs images are now click-able. When you click on it, you can see the full screen image. New animation while scrolling the images.

  14. Weekly Test and results on Home screen. Ranks and Answer keys all within the app unlike v1.0.7 where you had to navigate via bell icon.

  15. A lot of minor changes technically.

  16. Home now shows top 2 users of the day.

  17. All purchased tests either via Wallet or Payment Gateway shall be available to you only for 90 days from the date of purchase.


Lot of new features are being developed as of this date. We shall keep on updating the app according to your needs. As always, your feedback is precious to us. Please keep on writing to us with the features, requests, likes, dislikes about the app. Criticism is also welcome. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We keep on uploading MCQs daily. Articles are still not enough so we can start uploading. As and when we get the article we upload it. Please consider contributing towards the app by submitting articles to us. Small notes, which could help everyone will be uploaded. IBQs will be added over the period of next few months. All UG students who are reading this, please send us images of all the models/organs/slides which you can get hands on in your college.

Weekly Tests shall resume as soon as SML is announced for more than 50% of the states. We shall have it pre-scheduled this time, so you can prepare well.

We shall soon launch our own telegram bot which shall ask you MCQs, IBQs automatically/daily/when you want. If you are not on Telegram yet, join us now by visiting this link and this link We shall also try to be active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as much as we can. Make sure to follow us on these 3 platforms.

That’s it for now.

I hope you enjoy the efforts that we put into the app.


Thank You. Have a great Valentines.

Dr. Ankit Dupare


Reach out to me on Telegram.

Last updated on April 2nd, 2020 at 11:08

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