Dental Pockets Telegram Test Series

This blog post will inform you about our new initiative. We are happy to announce Dental Pockets Telegram Test Series. The tests will be conducted on Telegram.

Here are the links for our Telegram

Telegram Channel

Telegram Group

We conducted Dental Pockets Telegram Test Series for free on our group from 29 March 2020 to 4 April 2020. Some of the fellow users were asking for the initiative to be continued and we are happy to announce that we are doing that.

Time table of free dental pockets telegram test series conducted
Free Dental Pockets Telegram Test Schedule

After talking to some of our telegram group members, it was a general census that the cost for the test should be as minimum as possible. Most of them said it should be between Rs. 250 – Rs. 300 per month.

About Dental Pockets Telegram Test Series:

⚫️ Tests are going to be conducted in a new group where only the Paid Subscribers or contributors will be added.

⚫️ The schedule will be decided by you guys. You guys will together decide and let me know which day which test you want and I’ll make sure the bot sends you that test. To make it easy, I’ll create a poll in the new group for each day of the week so the results will be visible to everyone and accordingly the time table will be plotted. All tests will be subject wise for now. No full syllabus test is planned until further notice.

⚫️ MCQs and Picture based IBQs will be present in each test.

⚫️ For now the test will be at 6.00 PM IST but will change if and when the lockdown is over.

⚫️ There will be 6 tests in a week (Monday to Saturday) along with a special test on Sunday for everyone in Dental Pockets Group for free. The bot will decide which subject test is to be taken on Sunday.

I have already informed you about the Contributors requirement. If you have any questions just reach out to @hrank8t.

So here are the Telegram Test Series subscription plans.

Cost of each test for the weekly basis will be mere Rs. 15/-. To clear it out, NO, you cannot purchase a test on a daily basis.

So the cost of Weekly Test will be
📍 6 Tests X 15 = Rs. 90/- only.

Cost of each test for the monthly basis will be mere Rs. 11/-.
Cost of 4 Weeks or Monthly test will be
📍24 Tests X 11 = Rs. 264 or Rs. 260/- to make it a round figure.


🛑 Please note, payment once sent will not be refunded.

🛑 You cannot join the test series when it is in progress. Every Sunday new subscribers/contributors will be added to the new group.

🛑 In Weekly test, after Saturdays test results you will be removed from the group and readded once the next payment is received.

🛑 Monthly test: After 24 Tests are completed and test results are declared, you will be removed from the group and readded once the next payment is received.

🛑 Furthermore, If you are unable to give the test that particular day, that test shall be considered as appeared, You cannot ask for extension.

🛑 Also, The test questions will disappear after 12 – 18 hrs and if the polls are forwarded, the bot will come to know and will remove you from the group with no explanations given and your payment forfeited.

Payment Details will be sent only to those who are interested. Please reach out to @hrank8t.

I hope I have made the subscription quite affordable for everyone. Any doubts, do reach out to @hrank8t.

Here are the links for our Telegram

Telegram Channel

Telegram Group

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