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Most Asked Essay Type Questions (Paper IV) of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Hey, With the help of Dr. Himani Thawle, I’m pleased to give you this exhaustive list of the most important Questions of Essay Type Questions asked in MDS Final Year Exams of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in the past years from all over the universities in India. Remember, this is not a complete list and we shall keep on adding new questions as soon as we find them. You can comment below questions/topics which your university has asked if it is missing and we shall add that too. Do check the DCI syllabus and prepare accordingly.

Essay Type Questions for MDS Final Year Exams of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

  1. Biocompatibility of dental materials
  2. Advances in aesthetic dentistry
  3. MID
  4. Endodontic surgery
  5. Management of discolored teeth
  6. Recent advances in restoration of endodontically treated teeth
  7. Endodontic microbiology
  8. Principles of aesthetics in restorative dentistry
  9. Indirect cast gold restoration
  10. Success and failure in endodontics
  11. Dentin
  12. Retreatment in endodontics
  13. Role of history taking and diagnosis in endodontics (vitality testing)
  14. Endodontic failures and retreatment
  15. Root resorption and its management
  16. Traumatic injuries and their management
  17. Adhesive restoration
  18. Recent Adhesive aesthetic restorative materials
  19. Endodontic emergencies
  20. Non caries lesions
  21. Procedural errors in endodontics and their management
  22. Micro dentistry
  23. Post core in restoration of badly mutilated teeth
  24. Anatomic form, contacts and contours during restorative procedures
  25. Endodontic microsurgery
  26. Cleaning and shaping in endodontics, disinfection of root canals in endodontics
  27. Biofilm in endo
  28. Retrograde preparation and materials in endodontic surgery
  29. Endodontic mishaps
  30. Internal Anatomy
  31. Bonding agent
  32. Obturation and recent advances in obturation.
  33. Tooth colored restorations
  34. Matrices used in restorative dentistry
  35. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth
  36. Evolution in concept and design of tooth preparation in restorative dentistry
  37. Dental ceramics
  38. Minimal intervention dentistry.
  39. Management of discolored teeth

If you find some questions missing, do let us know via commenting in the section below and we shall add those questions too. These questions might come in handy when you are preparing for your MDS Final Year Exam in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.

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