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NEET MDS 2018 Update (Maharashtra)


NEET MDS 2018 Update (Maharashtra)

DMER (Directorate of Medical and Educational Research) Govt. of Maharashtra released Information brochure for Online Registration for PG Dental Courses in Maharashtra. Check the link below to see the notification.

NEET-MDS-2018 Information Brochures for Online Registration for admission to Dental Postgraduate Courses in State of Maharashtra dated 15.02.2018

In it’s 90 page notification, all details are given in minute details as to how, when and where.

We currently know only the status of Maharashtra Dental PG courses. One of the user who wishes to stay anonymous helped us out and provided us with this information. We are thankful to you.

If you are from other State and wish to share the information regarding registration to PG Dental Courses in your state, do send us feedback regarding the same.

Any further updates will be added here.



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