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Paper II OMFS Final Year Important Questions – Short Questions

Hi there, With the help of Dr. Shreya Shukla, I’m pleased to give you this exhaustive list of the most important Questions of Paper II for MDS Final Year Exams of OMFS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) in the past years from all over the universities in India. Remember, this is not a complete list and we shall keep on adding new questions as soon as we find them. You can comment below questions/topics which your university has asked if it is missing and we shall add that too. Do check the DCI syllabus and prepare accordingly.

Questions of Paper II (Short Questions) for MDS Final Year Exams of OMFS


Complications of DO

Role of arthroscientesis in TMJ disorders

Model surgery

HBO therapy


Tumor Markers

Contrast Computerized Tomography

Stereolithiography models

Orthognathic planning



OSMF and its management

Techniques of Biopsy


Pre-operative procedure before proceeding with maxillary osteotomy

Recurrent TMJ dislocation and its management

Fibro-osseous lesions of jaw

Chemotherapeutic Drugs

Giant cell lesions of jaw



Functional neck dissection




TMJ ankylosis


Lasers in Oral Surgery


Mandibular segmental osteotomy and hemorrhage

Degeneration of TMJ

Tissue expanders

Genetics in malignancy

Facial palsy management

If you find some questions missing, do let us know via commenting in the section below and we shall add those questions too. These questions might come in handy when you are preparing for your MDS Final Year Paper II Exam in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

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